Crêpe textile

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This crêpe textile is a colorful one. It’s so beautiful physically than in the picture. It’s very good to sew any kind of women’s dress like jumpsuit, long or short gown, skirt, etc…It also good to sew some men’s clothes likes shirt, shirt and short combined.

How many yards can be enough for women? Sincerely the answer to that question depends on the style involved and the size of the person. For instance, for a long gown or jumpsuit, 3 to 4 yards will be needed depending on the size of the person. While for short gown, 2 or 2 and half yards will be needed. As for skirt, only 2 yards maximum will be needed if the person has big size. If not she will need less.

What about men? Those of small size will need only 1 yards to sew short sleeve short and 2 yards maximum for shirt and short. While those of medium size will need 2 yards for long sleeve shirt and 1 and half yards for short sleeve shirt. Those of big size will need in between 2 yards and 3 yards depending on your size and the style.

To get more idea about the styles to sew with this crêpe textile, kindly visit Pinterest. Either you are man or woman, there are many styles there that will inspire you,


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