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Vintage material styles for women and men

I guess you are here because you are looking for vintage material styles. This could mean that you already have the material and are looking for styles you can sew with. If that’s the case, kindly visit our Instagram page. Either you are  man or woman, there are many styles there that will inspire you. But it you don’t have the material yet, kindly visit our vintage material store to buy them. You will get delivered within 24 hours if you live in Abuja. But if you leave in other states, you will get delivered within 72 hours. If you want the already-made clothes, kindly visit our women’s dresses section if you are woman. If you are man, kindly visit our men’s clothing section.

Why vintage fabrics? Many people prefer vintage fabrics  over other fabrics without really know the difference. In fact many people in the business sells crepe material to customers in name of vintage fabric. So if you don’t know the difference, you will just buy crepe material thinking that it’s vintage. Or better still buy clothes sewed with crepe material in the name of vintage clothing. I’m talking out of experience because this happened to many of my customers.

One day someone contacted me because he saw a very fine chiffon material I was marketing on Facebook marketplace. While chatting he said told me that I want vintage fabric. So I sent him the vintage materials available at that moment. No satisfy with what I sent him, he in turn sent me samples of what he wanted. And be hold! They are all crepe material, not vintage.

That’s how many people get deceived. Now let me tell you the difference between vintage fabrics and other fabrics. In fact there is no much difference between vintage material and crepe material. Vintage fabric are designer fabrics made by Gucci, Armani, Louis Vitton, etc… . So if you see any of those names or their brand  printed on any material, that material is likely be a vintage material.



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