Pink Crepe Fabric


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This is a crepe fabric. The color is pink but it’s not a plain crepe material. It stretches on one side. This means it’s a little stretchy. It’s a high quality crepe fabric. It doesn’t fade no matter how it’s washed. It doesn’t tear neither

It’s very beautiful and can be used to sew any style of your choice. Both men and women can use. The yard is by 36 while the length is by 45.

The delivery time to get it, is 24 to 48 hours if you live in Abuja. But if you live in others states, the delivery time is 48 to 72 hours. You get in up to 10% and 20% discount depending on the amount you buy. The discount is applicable to all our fabrics you buy from our online store.

There are many other beautiful crepe materials you may also like to buy. More you buy, more discount you get. In case if you are a woman and don’t know what to know what to sew with it, kindly click here.

As for the men, they can use it to sew the following: Long sleeve or short sleeve shirt, shirt and short. To get an idea on the dresses to make with it as men, visit our men’s clothing section.


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